About My Vinous Aesthetics

Three main aspects of my predilections for wine stand out:

1) Balance

I love drinking wines that have something to say, whether it is a delicate and mineral whisper of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, the velvet elegance of Chambolle-Musigny or the truffled and briny gushing of Monvigliero. Regardless of the volume, a wine with intrinsic harmony, is most beautiful and vivid. I have an affinity for ‘old-world’ wine, because of the consistency of balance.

2) Dirt

This really encompasses more than the soil. I love drinking wines which communicate a sentiment of the place from whence it came; of the soil and rocks that root the vine, of the cover crop, of the philosophy which guides the interaction of human and vine.

3) Artisanality

I want nothing more than a window into the world of the vigneron, to understand their hard work, the love of their life, distilled, or fermented, into liquid form.

If “work is love made visible” (from the Prophet, by Khalil Gibran), I look to discern their love.

Transparency is underrated.

I love drinking wines that define themselves against the backdrop of this fast-paced world, wines that make me slow down to take it all in…

These are my Vinous Aesthetics

4 thoughts on “About My Vinous Aesthetics”

  1. El Padrino said:

    Seth: What an incredible blog! What an incredible thing you are doing. I will be following you here but please also send me a note when you get the chance. There must be trout in some of those streams……

  2. I am honored that you chose to follow my blog. Based on what is on this page, I am looking forward to reading through your old posts. Have been enjoying your contributors as well. Opening up my wine world.

    • My pleasure, Support is a two way street. Your network can never be too big. Thanks for your comments. After this Chardonnay project is complete, I will trod on, hopefully more aware, most likely sometimes blindly, always searching for REAL wine. And I must write about it, ’tis familial duty. I owe it to my father. Sante!

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