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These were the most exciting wineries I visited on the North Island last week. The only winery missing a photo in the slideshow is perhaps the most notable: The Millton Vineyards and Winery.

I have been blessed with hours and hours of  time with winemakers/vignerons, including James Millton of The Millton Vineyards and Winery , Nick Nobilo of Vinoptima, Lance Redgwell of Cambridge Road Vineyard and Guy McMaster of Urlar.

In addition to sharing their portfolio of stunning wines, they have all done fabulously  to elucidate philosophies of viticulture and vinification techniques, as well as talking about  their growing region as well as the New Zealand wine industry as a whole. I am deeply indebted to them for taking time out of their busy pre-harvest schedules to wax poetic with me on the Kiwi wine scene.  I recommend that you keep an eye out for these producers.