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February’s 29 days of Chardonnay

a collaborative project


Wonderwoman’s Ode to Chardonnay
By Linda Adams

How I never understand you

You win the hearts of many

but at first, not of mine

I didn’t have the right bills

or connections

to have you in my glass

they say you have class

how I wish I knew and fully grasped

what you possess

sometimes you’re fat, sometimes lean

depending on where the origin

you have a sultry relationship with oak

some folks

wouldn’t have it any other way

I say

I prefer the naked version

from time to time

or those from northern Italy

some say, that’s a pity

then they feel the sun of the Tuscan lick their lips

the southern hemisphere has taken a liking

been this way, for a while

I take the trials

that seduce me

I am more about the underdog

such as Chablis

or Mâconnais

it’s a phase

it’s my choice

doesn’t every woman have one

we are entitled to the ways of the adaptable grape

that has stolen the hearts of many ages

that which steeps within the land of those grazing

how to interpret your glory

you represent sexy and lean in separate apartments

and still come up breathing

I wish I had your personality

oh Chardonnay

you perplex me

but more so, you taste with desire every time

because you give and never take

Linda Adams mentioned that she is more of a poet than a writer. She is a published author, dancer, singer, perfectionist, wine geek and foodie, not to mention, a mother of two children. She writes with style and grace, both in prose and verse, on Named for Wonderwoman.

Follow her on twitter @lwa235