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February’s 29 days of Chardonnay

a collaborative project


ode to chardonnay
Authored by Allie Merrick

it was many and many a year ago
with a bottle of chardonnay
that a first fell in love
with wine in a whole new way

before this bottle
i swore an oath
to drink just red
and never both

red for me
was nearly ideal
i’d have it with
every single meal

when i dine
it just made sense
to drink red wine

then one day
i was poured a wine
in a home
that wasn’t mine

what filled my glass
wasn’t red
not even pink
but white instead

not wanting to offend
and come across as rude
i swirled the glass a bit
and shifted focus to my food

the focus never came
as i became distracted
it was to the aromatics
of the wine that i reacted

bright, steely notes
swirled and sped as i sat up
inhaling with intention
in attempt of keeping up

sipped and savored layers
of flavor streaking by
breathing in each nuance
i exhaled with a deep sigh

“what just happened”
i asked out loud
of the nearby crowd

“it’s chardonnay”
someone said
i grabbed the bottle
and then i read

it was indeed
but i’d never
had one taste that way

had i known
it could be like this
like an angel’s tear
like first love’s kiss

like heaven’s mist
and morning’s dew
like promises
and oaths held true

i would have never
turned away
and silenced a wine
with so much to say

speaking of which
here’s what it said
as i now hungered
for what it fed

while i’m not red
like cabernet
much like pinot
i have much to say

while i don’t shout
but whisper by choice
you’ll find there’s value
in my voice

i speak from vines
of burgundy
from a place
that’s called chablis

i carry with me
little weight
but substance
that will satiate

forward fruit
that will not bend
my acidity
knows no end

you’ll find that i
am beautifully brisk
worthy of one
taking a risk

the chardonnay
had made its case
and with it
built a solid base

on my palate
that now craved
for which i raved

cheers to you
may more explore
what you have to say

Allie Merrick is the co-host of My Wine Words (www.mywinewords.com),

the NW Wine Correspondent for Northwest Wines To You (www.facebook.com/nwwtywinecorrespondent)

and creative contractor under her own label Allie Merrick Inc (www.alliemerrickinc.com)

Follow her on twitter @alliemerrick