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My, my, my, has it been a long time…

Le Web Journal du Champagne and a few tasting notes from a Cédric Bouchard tasting at Ambonnay Bar a while back.

First, I wanted to quickly share an amazing and free online resource on the dynamic region of Champagne. Claire and Julien Zika are the masterminds behind the quarterly champagne-centric magazine. Their aim is to publish news and commentary from the region of Champagne. The online magazine features in-depth interviews, tastings as well as addressing viticultural and vinification techniques, discussion of varietals, terroirs, philosophy and food pairing. It looks like a great resource and I encourage you to follow their work!

Here are links to the first issues but they are up to issue 7 now, and all en francais for those on that level…

Issue 1 Le Web Journal du Champagne | Magazine en ligne sur le champagne.

Issue 1 has an overview of David Léclapart, who is the focus of Vinosseur‘s guest article from February 3rd during the collaborative project from February’s 29 days of Chardonnay.

Issue 2 Le Web Journal du Champagne | Magazine en ligne sur le champagne.

Issue 3 Le Web Journal du Champagne | Magazine en ligne sur le champagne.

Blanc de Noirs of Cédric Bouchard

I’ve already written about the emotional wines of Cédric Bouchard. Obviously, I can’t help myself from writing more, but I will keep these notes brief. For more information about the domaine and Cédric’s philosophy please see this article.

Cédric makes wine under two labels, Inflorescence is made from purchased fruit and Roses de Jeanne is made from vines he owns.

Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs (2009)

Platinum. Clean, crisp and steely. Extreme mineral dryness, good extract and fine texture. Floral, lemon chiffon and kaffir lime. 100% Pinot Noir from the Val Villane vineyard, owned by his father.

Inflorescence La Parcelle Blanc de Noirs (2004)

Platinum. More depth and richness. Precise yet wide, more developed autolytic character and strength of minerality. Brioche, ginger and lemon

The Parcelle vineyard was owned by a family friend, who has since sold the vineyard to Cédric. 2004 is a very strong vintage for the entire region of Champagne and was Cédric’s first vintage working with fruit from this site.

Roses de Jeanne Les Ursules Blanc de Noirs (2009)

Darker pink hue. Cherry skin, raspberry, brioche. Saline and more delicate aromatics yet most clearly from Pinot Noir…

This the original of the 4 single vineyard wines under the Roses de Jeanne label, which is named after his grandmother.

Stellar wines worth seeking out and I wish you the best of luck finding them though!