Stephen Jay Gould distinguished two basic ways we approach the natural world

1) the Franciscan

One is charmed by the beauty and complexity of natural phenomena

“Admiring the depth of color, the sun’s last rays splash upon a canvas of clouds, each with subtle shadows folding bluegrey into pinkpurple above  larger silhuettes of greenblack earth below”

2) the Galilean

One is impassioned by the ability of human intelligence to comprehend the hidden mechanisms working behind the appearances.

I wonder if I would be more satisfied to know WHY and HOW I am seeing what I am seeing?

Do the dynamics of bringing reason to bear  shatter the pure, delicate experience of such a beautiful event, or the ability to share it?

It may…

And for what?

A statement of fact?

It hardly seems worth it…especially if you won’t be comfortable wearing the weight and bearing  responsibility to shattering such a gentle moment with Virgilian tales.

Maybe somethings are better left unanswered.

I’m glad this exercise was just with my last sunset from Martinborough, New Zealand. On to the South Island tomorrow.